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Egress stairs are a critical life-safety component of all buildings, but the importance of your stairs isn’t limited to a safe escape path. A well-designed stair system can reduce your construction costs and schedule, improve construction safety, and boost the architectural value of your building. We’ve worked tirelessly over the past seven decades to develop a stair system capable of excelling at each stage of design, fabrication and construction.


We understand your stairs can have a profound impact on the overall aesthetic of your building, so SY Stairs have been developed to always leave a strong impression. Our precision manufacturing process provides a clean, flawless finish from every vantage point, and our standard plate stringer design creates an elegant structural support. We offer a wide variety of tread and railing options, and our stairs are compatible with your preferred interior finshes, giving you the flexibility to achieve your architectural vision.


Our sophisticated manufacturing lines automate fabrication to create artful precision with the tightest tolerances. We deliver our stairs to the project site with fully premanufactured modular units, reducing field labor to an absolute minimum and ensuring the highest-quality finished product. Our stair system can be installed faster than any other stair system available, including cutting erection time by at least 70% compared to “stick-built” stairs.

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