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The Best Low-Maintenance Dock Stairs Available

Dock stairs are a must for industrial buildings and warehouses, yet small enough to be overlooked by architects and engineers. As a result, most are poor quality and corrode prematurely. SY Stairs solves this problem with our line of high-quality, flexibly-customized grated or precast dock stair options prefabricated and shipped fully preassembled or in sections to bypass time-consuming field welding.

Our dock stairs comply with local and national building codes, and offer several configurations with multiple trade and railing options to suit your building’s needs.


Grating Treads

Corrosion Resistance Design

Every dock stair is galvanized to provide a strong protective coating with no weak points and can be quickly and easily assembled without any field welds.

Fast Economical Assembly

Our docks stairs can be shipped fully preassembled or in parts. And since they require zero field welds and can be quickly bolted together on-site, this keeps your construction time and costs at an absolute minimum.

The Efficiency of Pre-Engineered Design with the Flexibility of Custom Made

We’ve pre-engineered dock stairs with a wide variety of standard configurations to meet the needs of your building. The stairs can exited from the end or either side, with areas of refuge available for all cases. Each dock stair can also come equiped any of our tread and railing products, making a total of 180 standard configurations ready to order.


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