Design & Engineering

Every project manufactured by SY Stairs is analyzed by licensed professional engineers with the most advanced analysis tools and techniques to certify that your project is compliant with your national, state and local building codes. Each set of design drawings comes stamped by an engineer licensed in the state of your project, and calculations are available upon request.

Our engineering staff benefits from decades of experience and in-house testing and research, and our stair system has proven durable in the most seismically active country on Earth, so you can be confident every stair you order will be able to withstand the rigor of years of use.


Our talented team of detailers utilize our custom-developed BIM software optimized to generate 3D SY Stair models and 2D drawings quicker and more accurately than any other software system on the market. Every project is meticulously modeled to the finest details to verify the stairs will fit your structure without interference or misalignments, and can be safely constructed at the absolute minimum time and cost.

We provide your company with 3D models of our stairs upon request that are capable of being imported into your BIM software to streamline coordination and make sure that all your subcontractors are on the same page. The data generated from our 3D software transfers directly to our 2D drawings and automated production lines, eliminating the chance of errors that push back your project.


Through our constant pursuit of innovation and perfection, over the decades we’ve created a fully shop-manufactured stair with the tightest tolerances and quickest delivery schedules. We’ve invested heavily in the most advanced automated production lines and robotics at our factories around the world and our new facility in Louisville, KY to provide the most precise manufacturing available. Our shop staff undergoes extensive specialized training, and we hold certifications with the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) as well as AWS (American Welding Society).


The SY Stair system has been developed with safe, rapid, economical erection as an absolute priority. We know your time is valuable, so our premanufactured stairs arrive on site ready to be installed with minimal field welding required and are a capable of climbing several floors in each day. This holds your construction time and cost lower than any competing stair system. The early availability of permanent stairs on your structure enhances site safety and can allow your other subcontractors to get the materials they need where they need it faster, compressing the construction schedule of your entire project.

Our SY Stair erectors can install stairs for your project in and around Louisville, KY and we can work with our trained partner erectors to install stairs in other states. If you are interested in becoming a partner erector please use our contact form to request more information.